Your Child: A Song Celebrating Every Life (3-Minute Special-Needs Video)

Your Child: A Song Celebrating Every Life (3-Minute Special-Needs Video)

Things look so different when a special-needs child is your own. Special thanks to Jodi Robertson for sending this my way.


  1. Leah Uhlman


  2. This is so touchingly beautiful. Since my son was born over 37 years ago 9Down Syndrome) great strides have been made in support for both the children and the parents. The initial difficulty lies (sadly to say) in making that first connection and acknowledging that this is YOUR CHILD. There was and is an attitude that if the child is ‘defective’ you don’t keep it but place it for adoption. Boruch Hashem thanks to organizations such as Heart to Heart run by Eliezer Goldstock this attitude is changing among the frum community.

  3. This was a bit cheesy for me, with deep apologies to the composer/singer, who seems to be singing from the heart and perhaps to have personal experience. I feel it imperative to voice that in my case, whatever kept me going was the awareness, the constant reassurance, that I had the most incredible support system that Hashem could have ever sent my way. Glimmers of hope, learning to celebrate miniscule victories in terms of health or developmental progress, these helped…but without loving and skilled teachers, therapists, doctors, caseworkers, organizations, and above all a very understanding, compassionate and self-sacrificing spouse and children, I would not have been able to stay positive, nor “do it every day.”

  4. Such a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing

  5. this is so beautiful and real… thanks for featuring such a positive attitude about the challenges of raising special needs children 🙂

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