Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder

My 2-year-old Yaakov came home on Friday with a folder packed with pictures from nursery school.

I understood from the pictures that the kids are learning about personal hygiene– since the pictures included a mouth with an actual toothbrush attached, as well as a hand with paper scissors attached to keep the nails clean and trimmed.

In addition, there were pictures from the Torah portion. A picture of the red lentil soup which bought a birthright from Esau…

But when Yaakov saw the picture of Jacob’s ladder, his face lit up.

“What’s this?” I asked him.

“A ladder!” Yaakov responded.

“Who made the ladder?” I asked him.

“Yaakov!” he answered, and pointed to himself.

What fun for Yaakov in nursery school nowadays…His teacher spends so much time talking about him, and all the things he did. Marrying Leah and Rachel and raising 12 sons and one daughter and SO MANY other accomplishments!

Funny, Yaakov thinks, I don’t remember doing any of these things…

But my teacher is one smart lady! If she says I did it, it must be true.



  1. What an adorable story. If we only knew how much of what we say is heard differently by our children, we’d probably be afraid to speak.

  2. This reminds me of a something that happened to me about 40 years ago.I was visiting my aunt and she had posted a similar picture on the wall of Yaakov’s ladder. I asked my young cousin, “Was this from Yaakov Avinu?” She said, “I don’t know his last name.”

  3. Great story. Leaves nice positive associations as a namesake of a forefather! My son Mordechai, now a grown daddy, experienced this the first time he went with me to hear the Megillah on Purim. He was about 2 and I was sure the noise from the Haman racket would petrify him and we’d have to leave. Instead he seemed riveted…afterward, glowing, he said, “They kept talking about me!” He heard no Haman, only Mordechai. Sweet.

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