The Peach Mystery

The Peach Mystery

Yesterday I bought a huge bag of yummy peaches, but before I managed to put them away, guess who found them?

peaches hand


  1. Lol! Too cute 🙂

  2. lol
    happens here all the time 🙂

  3. lots of sweet memories!

  4. This type of thing looks so familiar! We once had two large avacado trees in our garden. One day I collected at least a dozen and placed them in a large bowl in the kitchen. I later discovered that there was a small hole in each one, just the size of the tiny fingers of my youngest son!

  5. Before we had children I used to laugh when we went to friends and saw fruit with bites out of it in their fruit bowl, but then our first baby learned how to climb on the table and I stopped laughing. Not sure we’ve ever had anything quite as bad as this, but we have had finger holes in Shabbos cakes before as well. First baby just turned 20, so she doesn’t do that any more!

    • JewishMom

      in addition to these peaches, after I took this photo I found two more he’d taken bites out of!

  6. Yup, so familiar! The other day I cut up a half a cantaloupe for my kids and went out of the kitchen to call them. I came back a few minutes later to find that the two-year old was eating the last slice. The rest were nowhere to be found. Apparently he took a few bites of each one, then considerately threw the peels in the trash 🙂

    (I headed off a tantrum from the rest of the kids by laughing, then cutting up the other half of the melon.)

  7. My reaction was – of course he wanted to eat them! Peaches are now kedushat shvi’it!

  8. I notice no one mentions the cloud of fruit flies that announces a toddler invasion of the fruit bowl….

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