A Double Birkat HaGomel Birth

A Double Birkat HaGomel Birth

This morning I attended a party at the home of musician (and my dear buddy!) Efrat Razel celebrating the birth of her newest baby– a girl named Rut Ashira.

Efrat Razel

Efrat Razel

At the party, Efrat shared the following story:

“The birth was very quick, and right before Rut Ashira was born the midwife realized that the umbilical cord was wrapped very tightly around the baby’s neck several times. B”H, the midwife managed to unwrap the cord in time, and the birth went smoothly.

“After the birth, the midwife told me that if the cord had been even the slightest bit shorter, a tragedy could have occurred, G-d forbid. And then she quipped, ‘Usually mothers recite Birkat Hagomel [a thanksgiving prayer recited with a minyan after surviving a life-threatening event] after giving birth…but after this birth you should recite it twice– for you AND the baby!”

“A few days later I went to shul and recited Birkat Hagomel. But right after I finished reciting the blessing, a man in the men’s section called out, “We couldn’t hear, say it again!”

“And I did…Following the man’s instructions as well as the midwife’s.”


Listen to Efrat Razel’s newest CD “My Hope”

*For practical advice regarding whether birkat Hagomel should be repeated, a rabbi should be consulted.

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  1. Hadassah

    mazal tov! only nachas and simchot to report!

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