When My Mom Met my Dad (3-Minute Sweet Video)

When My Mom Met my Dad (3-Minute Sweet Video)

JewishMOMs, thank you so much for your prayers for my Dad– Matityahu Tuvia ben Esther Tsiporah. My Dad is being transferred today to Washington Hospital Center and there’s a good chance he will be undergoing major heart surgery there sometime later this week. In the meantime, I wanted to share this video I made of my parents seven years ago so you can see what a gem of a human being you are davening for:)


  1. Priceless. Thank you for this, Chana Jenny.

  2. so very sweet 🙂

  3. Bracha Goetz

    Love it!!

  4. i keep watching this because it’s such a beautiful, happy story and relationship. how very sweet! and how genuinely they love eachother. they look at eachother like newlyweds, after 32 years. what a gem! they should share many more happy, healthy years together…

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