Sweet Commercial Starring Family with 10 Kids (1-Minute Video)

Sweet Commercial Starring Family with 10 Kids  (1-Minute Video)

As part of a new advertising campaign, Bank Discount has made a series of videos featuring a diverse array of Israeli families. Here’s a really sweet one featuring the 12 members of Reinitz family…Translation of subtitles below.

Rivka, 41, is a nursery school teacher of 30 kids, and another 10 at home

Yossi, 41, wants more kids

David Mordechai, 4, is the Mashgiach Kashrut [supervisor] of the kitchen

Shoshana, 18, is the braid-making champion of the family

Shmuel, 16, Shneur, 17, learn Torah at every opportunity

Yaffi, 14, is everybody’s teacher

Sari, 10, learned how sing from the very best

Chani, 14, Chaya, 12 = the very best

Devorah Leah, 7, Mendy, 3, make their parents movies (and crazy as well!)



  1. beautiful!!!
    it’s nice to see that a typical orthodox family can be portrayed as “normal” in the media.
    yasher koach, Discount Bank!

  2. Impressive!!! And how gorgeous is the mother…. I just wonder if any of those type of families would actually ever see the ad?! TV? Internet?

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