A Song I am Loving: Doing Fine by Chani Levy

A Song I am Loving: Doing Fine by Chani Levy

Love this newly-released song by Chani Levy about being patient with ourselves as we struggle through our own personal life’s journey.

Love the melody and the right-on message (sounds very Rabbi Nivin, I wonder if she’s in the chabura too?). My favorite line is “Life’s a journey, not a race.” Maybe next time I get down on myself I’ll turn on this song?

Sorting through the voices in my mind
I try to move, but I can hardly find
Strength to pick me up from where I am
I’m here again, and everything’s the same

Same old struggles showing up
I tried so hard, but it’s not enough
I’m racing toward the finish line
But it takes time

Each day I get a little stronger
Each year I live a little longer
And each challenge shows me how much farther
I’ve moved ahead
So when I stare at my reflection
I dare not pressure for perfection
It’s one step at a time
Breathing in…I am doing fine

Silently I sink into myself
Get me out…But no one’s there to help
I’m running out of patience, out of hope
I’m holding on…I need to know

Hashem (G-d), He counts the tears and sweat
And though I may not be there yet
There’s a welcome sign at every step
And I’m okay

Each day I get a little stronger…

Thank You for this melody divine
Clarity is often hard to find
Life’s a journey; life is not a race
And I need time to figure out my place

Round and round
It sure is tough
But it’s a spiral and it’s going up
Feel the raise in every rise
Stop- take pride

Each day I get a little stronger…

I’m letting go, and I will be just fine
Believing that I am doing fine


  1. Chana Jenny, thanks for all your amazingly inspirational articles and posts! I’ve been following you blog for a while and always walk away with a positive feeling. This song is exactly what I need to (repeatedly)hear now- thanks:)

  2. Thanks for sharing! That song was so beautiful and definitely lifted my spirits on my way to work.

  3. What an amazing song and message. Words to grow with and live with.

  4. Beautiful song! The lyrics, melody, instrumentals and the harmonizing of the voices come together so smoothly! Really inspirational!

    Thanks so much for all the music you’ve been sharing as well as the pep talks and articles. Music adds a whole additional dimension to spirituality and our avodat Hashem.


  5. GOOD CHOICE, Chana Jenny!

  6. Such a beautiful song! Thanks for sharing

  7. Just saw this. Chani Levy is my daughter. Nice to know her music is inspiring so many. ❤

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