What My Husband Saw on his Way Home from Work

What My Husband Saw on his Way Home from Work

Yesterday my husband, Joshua, was on his way home from a yeshiva he teaches at in the Old City. A few of the students were accompanying him, and as they walked through the Old City’s main square, they continued their back-and-forth about the topic of Josh’s class–a Talmudic discussion in Tractate Brachot regarding whether a person can pray when the sky is red at sunrise or sunset–or, in Hebrew, Dimdumei Chama.

And then one of Josh’s students pointed up at the sky and said, “Look, Rabbi Weisberg, like that!”


And that, I think, is life in Israel.

Here, the Torah isn’t just a book I read and learn from.

It’s in the sky above my head.

It’s in the soil beneath my feet.

“The air of the Land of Israel makes us wise”–it’s in every breath I take.


  1. That photo is GORGEOUS! Great way to begin my day! Thanks! Hashem’s world is mavelously miraculous! And beautiful application of Torah learning!

  2. Lovely photo & writing!

  3. I LOVE Joshua’s photos.

  4. Thanks for sharing this story and have success with your learning.

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