Selflessness vs. Selfness

Selflessness vs. Selfness

Recently I posted several poems by poetess Sorah Rosenblatt who passed away earlier this year, and was so happy to see many of you loved these poems too. This past Shabbat we were staying at a Jewish hostel with a large library, and I was so excited to discover Sorah Rosenblatt’s out-of-print collection of poems Memo to Self: Songs of Jewish Living (Feldheim) (written under the pen name Ruth Lewis) which I read over Shabbat. Reading these poems I felt a real connection with her, I could so relate to her experiences as a mother, as a baalat teshuva, as a person who tries day by day (sometimes with more success, and sometimes with less) to connect with Hashem in her life. I wish I had met her during her lifetime… Here’s another gem from her I found this Shabbat…


  1. Thanks for sharing she was a truly amazing woman !

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