The Frustrated Pharmacist

The Frustrated Pharmacist

This morning, on the way home, I noticed a pharmacy and decided to pop in.

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather recently, with symptoms that have gotten better and worse and better over the last month–but are still lurking around.

So I told the pharmacist about my symptoms and asked if she had something that might strengthen my system–vitamin C, echinacea, that kind of thing.

“Those things might prevent illness. But if you are already sick, you need to go to the doctor! You might need antibiotics!”

“So I will take something against getting sick. Where do you have Vitamin C?”

She reluctantly walked me over to the vitamin section, but then, with a sour face, she sternly pronounced, “But if you are sick, you need to go to the doctor. Geveret, go to the doctor!”

And she pointed me with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm to the pharmacy’s exit.

Walking home, I felt angry, belittled, resentful. I came up with a bunch of (not so) brilliant comebacks to the pharmacist (“I’m the customer here, don’t tell me what to do! Give me vitamin C!”) But then, as I neared home, I realized she had actually been right. I should contact my doctor (and I did as soon as I got home). I might need antibiotics. I should finally take care of this and myself. Why have I been ignoring it for so long?

On the other hand, I felt angry at the woman for speaking with me like a…CHILD.

Which made me think just how often my child feels this way, when I am right and he is wrong…

And I speak with him just like that– like a child.


  1. It is awful to feel patronized by people we turn to for help. But I hate to say that the pharmacist was probably right…Refuah Shleimah.

    • I second that! Way to take a painful situation and use it for personal growth, Chana Jenny 😉

  2. Can any of you recommend a good children’s siddur that also has English ?

  3. … and if it’s worth anything, I’d also take immune system boosters if I were you ;). you might just need to strengthen your immune system to help get rid of your symptoms. sleep, nutrition, exercise… you know. trust your intuition. refuah shelema umehera!

  4. Best thing to take every day: pregnancy multivitamins! The most.potent mix available.

  5. Thank you Tamar!

  6. Vitamins in boxes are useless its only commercial! I make myself à juice in the blender everyday and i feel better than never even pregnant at 42; you should listen to rav asherov explanations, its a light !refoua chelema and take good care

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