One Reason I’m Relieved I Lost by Hillary Clinton

One Reason I’m Relieved I Lost by Hillary Clinton

[Shortly after losing November’s election, I attended my 2-year-old granddaughter] Charlotte’s dance recital.

It’s enchanting to watch a bunch of squirming, giggling 2-year-olds trying to dance in unison.

Some are intensely focused (that would be my granddaughter), some are trying to talk to their parents in the audience, and one girl just sat down and took off her shoes in the middle of everything. It was lovely mayhem.

As I watched Charlotte and her friends laugh and fall down and get up again, I felt a twinge of something I couldn’t quite place. Then I realized what it was: relief.

I had been ready to completely devote the next four or eight years to serving my country.

But what would have come with a cost. I would have missed a lot of dance recitals and bedtime stories and trips to the playground.

Now I had those back.

That’s more than a silver lining. That’s the mother lode.

(Excerpted from What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton)


  1. oh what will her feminist friends think

  2. I dont believe a word of this woman

  3. Well, well, well. I’d say, at best it is a lesson it took her till this age, plus losing big-time, to learn. With a hefty dose of sour grapes tossed in. That is if her vignette is truly coming from a place called Honest, where she doesn’t know her way around too well.

  4. They should probably have called the book “Everything Except What Really Happened “

  5. The Baal Shem Tov says that we have to learn how to serve Hashem from everything that we see and hear. However, I’m wondering if it’s necessary to look at a person who is literally the epitome of tumah? We live in olam hasheker, but we can be above it. One way is to not give any Chayus to a person who doesn’t demonstrate that they want to live according to the ways of sheva mitzvos bnei noach

  6. who can forget what she said when her husband first ran for president? “oh i guess i could have stayed home and baked cookies but instead i became a lawyer…” where was your mother lode then, hillary? she makes me nauseous

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