You Won’t Believe Why My Package Took 3 Months to Arrive

You Won’t Believe Why My Package Took 3 Months to Arrive

On February 1st, I received an Email from the coordinator of Dina Friedman’s Mastery Series: Mastering Your Spiritual Connection and Life’s Purpose.

“I just sent out your course handbook,” she wrote. “You should receive the package in the mail shortly. Enjoy!”

For a package to make its way from the US to my home in Jerusalem, it usually takes about 2 weeks. A month, maximum.

But a month passed. 2 months. 3 months.

I forgot about handbook altogether, except at those moments when Dina Friedman would mention, during her classes, “You will see in the handbook…”

And then yesterday, I received a package notice. What could it be? I wondered. Ahh, my long-lost handbook! Just in time for the final week of the course!

So this morning, when the post office clerk handed me the package, I saw an unusual sticker attached to it…

The sticker read: “MISSENT TO THAILAND.” There was also a letter stapled to the package, written in French and (I assume) Thai from Laksi Mail Center.

I stood in the post office, trying to fathom how the post office in Lakewood, New Jersey managed to send my package (sent 1st class!) clearly addressed (typed!) to Jerusalem, Israel, to Bangkok, Thailand!

On my way home, with my package tucked under my arm, I thought of the Jewish people on their way from Egypt to the Promised Land, 40 years walking a distance that should have taken them 11 days!

And I thought about my own journey, between Passover and Shavuot.

Have I taken the direct route, growing spiritually week by week to bring me to the heights worthy of the ultimate Divine revelation at Mt. Sinai?

Or have I been taking the scenic route? Like my package gallivanting through South-East Asia?


11 days left until Shavuot. Enough time, I hope, to head myself back home.


  1. Devorah Shain

    Really the inspiration I needed. Thanks a lot!

  2. Batsheva

    Nice context Chana Jenny

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