Something Cool We Figured Out about Our Daughter

Something Cool We Figured Out about Our Daughter

This past Shabbat we attended a Shabbaton for my daughter’s class and their parents.

The most unforgettable part of the Shabbaton, for me, was a special exercise we parents did with our daughters.

Each one of us received a list of around 60 positive characteristics, and 5 paperclips.

And we were instructed to place those paperclips next to the positive qualities we see in our parents.

I pinned my paperclips next to 5 positive qualities in my parents, and Josh pinned 5 paperclips to the strengths of his mom and dad. And our daughter pinned 5 paperclips for me and 5 for Josh.

And the last step of this incredibly interesting exercise was discussing which characteristics from our parents we see in their granddaughter, our daughter.

It was so remarkable…to see that nearly all of our parents’ positive qualities exist in our daughter as well (though her Grandpa’s strengths in neatness and organization seems to be skipping certain offspring…)

I see in my daughter my parents’ curiosity, loyalty, compassion, integrity, commitment to helping others.

Josh sees in her his parents’ strong commitment to family, creativity, intelligence, joy for life, simplicity.

Which reminded me of all the wonderful inherited traits floating around in the spiritual DNA of every Jewish woman…

Sara’s abundant kindness
Rebecca’s clarity of vision
Rachel’s generosity of spirit
Leah’s life-altering prayer.
Devora’s sharp wisdom.
Chana’s legendary faith.

And more, and more, and more.

More treasures, more strengths, in a Jewish woman’s spirit than there are paperclips.


  1. So nice!! Can you write some of those 60 traits ?? It would be very helpful! Thank u!

    • JewishMom

      here’s a sampling (translated from Hebrew):
      leadership abilities
      organizational ability
      G-d fearing
      sense of humor
      knows the value of money
      gives the benefit of the doubt
      doesn’t gossip
      loyalty to siblings
      self-sacrifice for Torah

      • Thank you Chana Jenny for posting some of the traits…do you have a list of all 60 traits? I would be thrilled to see it 😍

  2. I was suprised to discover this truth at my mothers funeral. As I listened to the eulogies, the traits being described sounded very familiar. They were my strongest values. Until that point I thought that I was “self made.”

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