How the Family of Chani Weinroth A”H Celebrated her Birthday

How the Family of Chani Weinroth A”H Celebrated her Birthday

Yesterday, Attorney Dovi Weinroth shared with his Facebook followers how he marked the 36th birthday of his late wife, legendary author and lecturer Chani Weinroth, who died of cancer last year. He also shared the chizuk he derived from an unusual source: a traffic ticket:

“Today is the 22nd of Shevat. Chani’s birthday. My sweet children requested that we do something special on this date and I approved the idea.

“So they did not go to school, and I did not go to work. We went to the Western Wall, we ate in an excellent restaurant, and for dessert, we went for a stroll in the park.

“At the entrance to the Western Wall, three police officers stopped us, headed by a policewoman…

“[The policewoman pointed out that I had committed a traffic violation) and told me she would be giving me a ticket as well as a citation. The truth is that, before that, I had no points on my driving record at all (they always let Chani and me off with a warning because we were sweet).

“While the policewoman was writing up her report, I debated whether to go out and tell her that we were celebrating Chani’s birthday and that this would a little bit ruin the atmosphere and maybe she could just let us go. I discussed this with the children and they agreed that that was a good idea.

“So I got out of the car and approached the policewoman and told her that the children had lost their mother a year ago and we were celebrating her birthday and this ticket was ruining the festivities somewhat and maybe we could just forget about the whole thing.

“The policewoman picked up her pen and said to me: Oy! Why are you telling me this now that I’ve finished writing the report? I promise you if you had told me that a few minutes ago, I would’ve let you go. But now what can we do? I can’t erase it now…

“So I told her it was completely all right and a good intention means a great deal and I signed her report.

“When I got back into the car, I told the children about the conversation between me and the policewoman. They said to me: Oh Abba, you must be very upset! If only you had told her that two minutes ago!

“And I told them that I was not upset at all. On the contrary! I loved this report because, look! The Creator of the World could have given me that insight two minutes earlier, and He didn’t. That means that If I was given two points and a fine of 500 NIS, then this is what was chosen for me. I am connected with this report– I share a special bond with it.

“We went on to the Western Wall and in my prayer, I thanked the Creator for the many things I’m privileged to have and feel fortunate to have in my life.

“And I asked for many more good things, but not before I thanked Him, first of all, for the report as well.”

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