The Miracle That Happened to My Friend

The Miracle That Happened to My Friend

This morning I attended a friend’s seudat hodaya, a special meal to give thanks.

My friend wanted to express her gratitude to Hashem for a miracle she’d experienced. A mind-blowing miracle, in fact.

When my friend told her young nieces that she was having a seudat hodaya, they responded with something akin to horror, “What happened?!”

Did you survive an accident? A life-threatening disease? A rocket fell on your home and you were, b”H, at the supermarket?

But my friend just laughed, and kneeled down to look her nieces in the eyes:

“The miracle, the mind-blowing miracle, was that I was pregnant, and I gave birth, and now we have a new baby. Is there any miracle greater than that?


  1. So true!! It’s such a miracle to live through the normal life events with no tragedy and get married and have a family, healthy children etc. So easy to forget.

  2. very special!

  3. Yes, it is a mind blowing miracle. Experienced it recently myself.

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