Right After my Jamie Geller Interview Got Cancelled

Right After my Jamie Geller Interview Got Cancelled

Yesterday, you might have noticed, I was supposed to have done a live interview with Jamie Geller, and at the last minute it didn’t work out.

I was very, very disappointed.

I’d advertised the interview, came up with lots of questions to ask, spent a few days reading every Jamie-Geller article and watching every Jamie-Geller video I could find (when my daughter came across me-not a big cook, to say the least- engrossed in one of Jamie’s cooking videos, she was in shock: “Eema, WHAT are you WATCHING!?” Her concern thickened when, without looking away from the screen, I answered: “Look how cool this is! She’s making shawarma in the OVEN! And then she carves off pieces, just like in a real shawarma stand! We have got to try this!”)

And then, about an hour before yesterday’s interview, I got an urgent message that Jamie was extremely, extremely sorry, but due to urgent and unforeseen circumstances she had no choice but to cancel the interview.

So then, instead of getting ready for the interview, I had to quickly put up posts and send out emails re-informing the thousands of people I’d told about the event and then reminded that morning about the event that it wouldn’t be happening after all.

After I did that, I just sat in this chair, feeling down. Cause I’d been looking forward to “meeting” Jamie after learning all about her, and seeing how amazing she is (she’s even a huge Rabbi Fischel Schachter fan, just like me!). And I’d also been excited because it would have been so perfect to speak with her right before Purim (when even moms who aren’t big cooks, like me, are, well…cooking.)

And, at that very moment, my phone pinged. And I looked down and saw that it was a video from Rabbi Elimelech Biderman.

And I thought (because this is the kind of weird thing I tend to think): Maybe this video came right now because this is what Hashem wants me to hear right at this disappointing moment.

And strangely enough (or maybe obviously, of course!) it was. A reminder that just like in the Purim story, everything happened exactly, perfectly, at the minute it was supposed to, so too in life. A timely reminder that the right time is more important than right now.


  1. Thank you for the message and the clip! These reminders are always timely!!!

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