Ben&Jerry’s New Flavors😡

Ben&Jerry’s New Flavors😡





  1. I find it difficult to write about this dispassionately, so I apologize in advance if I sound over-emotional. I stopped buying Ben and Jerry’s over a decade ago when they made no secret of their hatred of the United States.
    I find it terribly sad that the majority of the religious Jewish community put its head in the sand when hatred of Christianity was blatantly being promoted by many – including many liberal Jewish organizations. For example, the majority of the religious community stayed quiet when Jewish organizations sided with the rioters rather than the Korean businessmen whose stores were being destroyed during the Rodney King riots. As long as Jews were o.k., too few of us saw a need to get involved.
    I know that we are busy tending our own vineyards, with B”H large families and many pulls on our lives, but what is happening in the United States today – and this move on the part of Ben and Jerry’s, was preceded by years and years of vile and despicable behavior towards patriotic Christian America and the active banishment of God from American institutions. We chose myopia and that meant that we missed an opportunity when we could have helped banish the ills that are affecting the Jewish community now by noticing that others rather than we were the canaries in the mines.

    • JewishMom

      Thank you Susan for your perspective on this. You make an important point (and you also make me realize how out of touch I’ve been with how bad things have gotten in my country of origin!)

  2. Beth Berman

    Jewish Mom– You are in Israel. Please do not boycott Israeli Ben and Jerry’s. The owner employs many Israelis and is trying to keep his business open while not kowtowing to “Headquarters.” American Jews should boycott. Here in Israel, it’s another story. He deserves our support!

  3. Yup, stopped supporting companies that hate Israel and America years ago.

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