The 2 Foundations of Marriage: Love and Washing Dishes

The 2 Foundations of Marriage: Love and Washing Dishes
I’m writing this from the wedding of Hovav and Hallel, the couple that my daughter set up. Wow! Do I love being the mother of the shadchanit! It adds such a special rush of excitement to an already amazing simcha!
I wanted to share a highlight from the beautiful chuppah, Hallel and Hovav glowing, the sun setting over the Judean Hills in the background.
At one point Hallel’s brother and sister-in-law, Elad and Shira Sadot, were called up to the chuppah to recite 2 blessings.
Elad recited one of the traditional 7 Blessings and Shira read a blessing for the young couple which she and Elad wrote and which I loved:
“There are two foundations of marriage” Shira said, “love and washing dishes.
But even a sink full of dirty dishes is full of colorful bubbles.
So I bless you, Hallel and Hovav, that among even the gray, mundane moments of marriage you’ll be able to see those bubbles and they’ll make you smile as you scrub.”😊🌈

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