Haman’s 10 Sons=A Woman’s 10 Commandments by Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi

Haman’s 10 Sons=A Woman’s 10 Commandments by Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi
Haman’s 10 sons got hung on a tree, and here are the 10 things every woman should hang on the tree in order to be done with them once and for all:
1. Parshandata. This literally means, “an interpreter of her religion” (Parshan-Dat-a) Parshandata is when we interpret another woman’s religious level based on her appearance.
“…She is religious/ she is kippa sruga/ she is Charedit.”
People do this to me all the time. “She is wearing a hat, it’s not a poofy scarf, it’s not a sheitel. So what is she? Stop. No more, this is wrong.
Hashem knows better. He knows we are all in disguise, when we go up there HaShem will show us the truth.
Up there the Rebbetzins will be ninnyhammers and the ninnyhammers will be the real Rebbetzins!
2. Dalfon. This literally means “being poor.”
HaShem please hang this poor woman, this poor Dalfon who feels that everyone has so much more than she does. You have this feeling because of Instagram, because of Facebook. Everyone is taking those gorgeous pictures and you say “Wow, she’s so happy with her family.” No one is that happy with their family! It just looks that way in the photos!
3. Aspata. This name comes from the word “To Collect.”
You collect all the bad things people said to you since you were little.
“She did not accept me to her seminary.” You are 80 years old, get over it!”
“She didn’t invite me to her bat mitzvah…”
It’s like King Achashverosh, he had this book called, “The Book of Memories.” She did this, he did this…
Don’t do this, hang it on the tree!
4. Porata. This name comes from the word for fertility. This relates to pain related to fertility, pain relating to our children, the fruit of our womb.
So many times you sit and say “Why? Why is he like this? Why is she not like that?”
Instead we should stand up and say “He is so good, she is so good!”
5. Ari data. “Ari” is lion, “dat” is religion. This is when you want to be a lion in serving Hashem.
You became such a big davener that you hate everyone because you have to read all of “Tehilim” every day. And listen to your “kav halashon” and “kav hatzniut” And when your husband asks you something, you say, “Quiet! I’m praying for you!”
6. Arisi: Being engaged “Arusa” to bad things. To bad connections, to bad materials.
Hand your negative addictions from the tree.
7. Aridai, is from the word “Lirdot” to control. You want to control everything, you want to control your husband, “Now smile, now say something nice…” the more you try to control things, you will see how much you don’t actually control anything.
8. Parmashta is very important, it comes from the word “Parum,” unraveled. It is the son that walks with his clothes unraveled, exposing everything to everyone as he walks along.
If you exposed something on facebook, on instagram and it was very very interesting and fascinating, tomorrow in order to be fascinating you will have to expose more and more and more. It’s horrible. Hang it on the tree.
10. Vayizata. Feeling so small. Looking at yourself and saying “Vay! Zeh Atah! Oy, this is you!”
You brush your teeth in the morning, look at yourself and say “I’m so old! I’m so ugly, who will want to marry me? Oy!”
Hang him, or her, on the tree. Listen instead to Queen Esther who would look at every woman and say, “She is so beautiful, she is so good.”
Happy Purim!

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