After 80 Years, Brooklyn Store Owner Closes on Shabbos: “This is What the Jewish People Need Now!”

After 80 Years, Brooklyn Store Owner Closes on Shabbos: “This is What the Jewish People Need Now!”

Dovi Weiser, the customer featured in this video, shares the incredible back story behind his friend’s dramatic decision:

“Jeff Cohen of Top’s Liquor on Ave U and I have been friends for 30 years…
Over the years I have had many conversations about Yiddishkeit with Jeff, his wife, and parents. They have been to my home, my Shabbos table etc. Around 15 years ago, we had a conversation into the wee hours of the morning about Shabbos, its importance, and its significance.

Last Friday Jeff called me and said, “Do you remember our conversation of years ago? I think it’s time.

“This is what the Jewish people need now, this is what I need to do now. I am honored to let you know that starting this Shabbos, after so many years, Tops Liquor will start being Shomer Shabbos.”

Wow! Just wow.

Nowadays Josh and I are hosting lots of Jewish and Christian solidarity missions to Israel (contact us through or WhatsApp me at +972523257827 for info on our special discount for solidarity groups). It’s wonderful to see the unshakable commitment of so many devout Christians to Israel at a time when Israel needs all the support it can get. But Josh and I have found it especially moving to host the Jewish solidarity missions flooding Israel now. We hear over and over from the participants how the events on and since October 7th have caused so many of them, like the inspiring liquor store owner in this video, to connect more to Israel, to their Jewish identity, and to the Jewish community. Like the Israelite slaves in Egypt, today as well, “The more they are afflicted, the more they multiply and flourish.”


  1. This story is close to my heart! I grew up down the block from this store (and I never knew it). I’m excited to send the story to my folks who still live in the same house I grew up in.
    What an amazing Journey to learn about.
    Thanks for sharing!

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