My Blessing for My Son, the Child of a Convert and a Baalat Teshuva

My Blessing for My Son, the Child of a Convert and a Baalat Teshuva

[Our 11-year-old Yaakov is going into junior-high school next year, and his rabbi asked for us parents to write blessings for our sons in preparation for this momentous transition. Here’s the blessing I wrote for Yaakov):

To our dearest Yaakov,
In the “Al HaTsadikim” prayer, all kinds of people are mentioned who are an inspiration, who are meant to be role models for the entire Jewish people.
This list includes the righteous, the elders, the scribes, as well as righteous converts (and some say this also refers to baalei teshuva) like your ger tsedek father and BT mother.
Why would Gerim and Baalei Teshuva be role models for people who grew up religious?
Because converts and baalei teshuva, like your father and mother, searched for a life of meaning, and at the end of our searches, with great excitement we found Torah, mitzvot, the Jewish people and the state of Israel.
We bless you as you prepare to enter junior-high school that you will continue to be a person who searches for truth (like you search for today in your beloved books by Rabbi Yoni Lavi), who loves Torah (like today you love to study Mishnayot with Abba), who loves to keep mitzvot (like today you love baking cakes and making ice cream for our guests), and who is dedicated to the Jewish people and the state of Israel (as all can clearly see from the bumper stickers plastered around your bedroom:).
Continue in this way Yaakov, and rise higher and higher, realize your full potential for sacred and secular studies, for acts of kindness, and to always be a blessing and support to your homeland and people.
With love,

Eema and Abba



  2. This is absolutely beautiful!
    Amen V’amen!!

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