The Child vs. the Donut Test (2-Minute Funny Videos)

The Child vs. the Donut Test (2-Minute Funny Videos)

These made me laugh, I could so imagine my Yoel’s shenanigans if they had put HIM in a room alone with a donut…Makes me hungry for Chanukah:)



  1. those kids were soooooooo cute!!

  2. this is interesting, most of the kids from what I could see did not eat it but waited. A similar study was done with marshmallows. Those children who had the self control to wait were found to be successful at school and able to set long term goals and stick to them. (they were followed for years!)

    • Oooh, thanks for that!
      My son is a saver, definaetly. Once a friend reffererd to his habit as hoarding. But I am convinced his patience will serve him well in life. As you said. Might you have a reference for that research?

  3. Mmmmm….how funny! I’d rather have one donut than two anyway : P

  4. I actually once posted a video about the marshmallow test…here’s the link

  5. yeah, the donut one is not as good as the marshmellow one because one donut is enough to satisfy a kid, while a marshmellow is small and you could see how someone would want two.

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