2 Easy Ways I Get My Kids to Help in the House

2 Easy Ways I Get My Kids to Help in the House

Last Elul, among my goals for the coming year, I wrote: “My kids will learn to clean up after themselves, and housework will be under control, and even enjoyable!”
But alas, JewishMOMs plan and their children laugh.
And then a few weeks ago my dear cleaning lady of 4 years had to leave the country.
So, I had to do something. I couldn’t go on doing everything by myself with no cleaning lady!
So I made these 2 cleaning charts. And they’re actually working! Hope they make your life easier too:)

1. This is a simple chore chart to get my kitchen and living room clean every evening. I divided up all the tasks necessary into 4 groups, and every day, on a rotating basis, they are divided among my 4 children who still live at home during the week.
On top of the chart I wrote the days of the week, on the side I wrote the names of the four children.
The four jobs are:
1. Stovetop counter=Clean counter by stovetop, sweep the kitchen and clean off the kitchen table.
2. Window counter=Clean counter by the window, rinse dishes and put into the dishwasher.
3. Living room table=Clean off living room table and sweep the living room
4. Living room carpet=Clean up the living room carpet and sofa.
Each child who finishes his or her job receives one row of a chocolate bar, and gets to watch their bedtime videos.


2. This is a list of jobs that my cleaning lady used to do for us. Now I’m paying the kids to do those jobs. I make a new list every week of what needs to get done.
With each job I list the minimum age a child needs to be to do that job and how much money they will receive.
Example: Sweep the stairs (from age 4) 5 Shekels.

Here is the graphic I use at the top of the chart, if you want to copy it and use it too:)


  1. Awesome tips!

  2. Hatzlocha rabba with this challenge. The first few times a child does a new chore you should work with them and describe the steps or details of how to get the job done properly. What you think is a clean bathroom and what a 7 year old thinks is clean bathroom maybe miles apart! It is worth spending the time to get it done right.

  3. The graphic at the top of the chart is hilarious! Thanks for a good laugh

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