Small Joys, Simple Family by Akiva

Small Joys, Simple Family by Akiva

I find this exquisite tribute to family by popular Israeli singer, Akiva Turjeman, to be extremely moving. Especially now that lockdown has whittled down life to its simplest elements–family, kids, home–this song helps me reframe lockdown from Ugg! to Ahh!
Before Rosh Hashana, this song was ranked the 24th most popular Israeli song of the year by the IDF radio station, Galgalatz. Wonderful to see so many religious singers and messages among Israel’s top-ranked songs of the year.


  1. This song is so moving, I’ve listened to it maybe 20 times already. It so simply and beautifully encapsulates what we all want to hold onto during and post-lockdown, post-COVID. Hang in there, and…enjoy!

  2. I totally loved the song! So beautiful!

  3. Very beautiful and so very true!!!

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